Fellow Jeepers, Happy Saturday!!!

I would like to add uConnect to my stereo/nav system. I have the 430 system and it has the buttons/etc., but I need to find the module that plugs in and the cables.

If anyone has that, I am looking for it.

I have some things available for trade if you are interested...if not interested in trades, I will buy. Things I have:

* 5 Stock tires/rims for 2012 Rubicon with at least 10K in tread left. (I moved to the 2013 rims...so these are just sitting around irritating my wife!)
* 5 TPMS sensors for a 2013 (had to move my 2012 sensors to the 2013 rims...they are not compatible with the 2012).
* Bikini top for a YJ. I sold my YJ and ran across the bikini top about 3 years later in my attic. Again, another thing laying around irritating the wife!
* I added a lift kit and a front bumper to my Rubi...so I have the springs, shocks, front bumper (and associated parts) that I took off that are again laying around waiting to prompt an argument!

Help me stay out of trouble, and help me be safe with a uConnect module for my Jeep! Give me a shout at 615-330-7988 (in Maryville by the way despite the area code.)

Many thanks!