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Thread: Need a job

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    Need a job

    I am new to TN. live in Kodak and having some problems finding employment think some has to do with my age 49.. I have background in Pools Spas Atm's Fences Delivery.. Management, Customer Service, retail sales.
    Can use a computer, hand tools and power tools, learn quick, driven company vehicles many years, not afraid to learn something new.
    I know we are suppose to tell about our services we can offer here, but I wanted to see if anyone could give me a lead on a job. I appreciate any leads.

    Thank you

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    Cougar Girl

    Re: Need a job

    Hey Kodaksahara, Have you tried Once you register they will send you notifications of all the jobs available nation-wide in your profession. Good Luck! And if we hear of anything we will certainly contact you! ~

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    Re: Need a job

    Thank you

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